Oblivion was the first Bastille song I fell in love with, so it’s incredibly special to me…

Middle school me:
IDK i just haven't met any guys who are my type
High school me:
my type is female

And I sure as hell ain’t your dad.

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I’m so glad I’m not alone in this rose!!! And it makes me so weirdly happy that you love bastille too, I just don’t know why

Okay okay so I love Bastille so much and I listened to Bad Blood often enough that I unconsciously memorized the song order. So then if I played the album in order I would start humming the next song when it hadn’t even started, right? And then they had to put out All This Bad Blood which just had more songs with the bonus songs from Bad Blood mixed in!!! I was so upset for a while because it messed up the order in my mind for a while. But I think I’m starting to get this new order right.


Luka and Miku in Cutie magazine fashion.


Luka and Miku in Cutie magazine fashion.

I just thought about the people (specifically 3 though at different times) I used to text all the time and okay. A little bit of sadness just crept in.

Okay I added some contacts but it’s not like I talk to these people ever so!! Maybe it was pointless idk

This just reminded me to add the contacts from my old phone like RIGHT NOW just in case someone else I actually know texts me

Rose it was Hannah omg. I only entered the contacts that I constantly text when I got my new phone bc they didn’t transfer well for some reason and I’m lazy